Cool Kids’ Party Ideas for Your Next Kiddie Soirée

1. Awesome Birthday Party Craft Ideas

Awesome Birthday Party Craft Ideas | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Awesome Birthday Party Craft Ideas that Will Make Your Day Special Photo by DIY Projects

Don’t let a kid’s party stop you from doing practical yet fun activities. Here are some cool birthday crafts and party ideas all the kids learn skills from and enjoy, too!

2. Spectacular Kids’ Tea Party Ideas

cute tea party set and cookies on a tray | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Spectacular DIY Kids Tea Party Ideas Photo by DIY Projects

Planning a tea party for your kids can be challenging but also exciting, especially with these dainty ideas. Now you won’t have to stress yourself because these ideas will make playing grownups having tea all the more fun for your kids.

3. Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover

little girls in pajamas laughing on a sleepover | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Fun DIY Sleepover Ideas For Kids Photo by DIY Projects

Great slumber parties are one of the highlights of childhood so with the kids making new friends, expect to have several of these sleepover parties. Now, you don’t want your kid disappointed, do you?

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So, here are some fun things to do at a sleepover party your kids will remember with fondness, for sure.

4. Under the Sea Photo Backdrop Party Props

kids on an under the sea photo backdrop | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Under The Sea Photo Backdrop Party Props Photo by Lia Griffith

Want to take the party under the sea? You can with this easy-to-make backdrop, which comes with free printables for the props.

Get those cardboard, glitter, and colored paper ready and start making your DIY photo booth backgrounds. Your family and guests will have fun with their photo ops.

5. Classic Kids’ Party Ideas

kids outdoor playing pinata | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Cool And Classic Kids Party Ideas For The Homesteading Family  Photo by Homesteading

Times are changing but when it comes to kids’ party ideas, nothing beats old school. So check out and revisit these cool classic kids’ party ideas kids of all shapes and sizes will always enjoy!

6. Rainbow Paper Garland

Rainbow Paper Garland | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Slinky Rainbow Garland Photo by Pink Stripey Socks

Some party decor packages are often meant to please the paying grownups and not the kids celebrating. So here is a party decor prop idea guaranteed to amuse the kids — a slinky rainbow garland.

This garland is easy to make. In fact, too easy, the kids can also make it as a party crafting activity.

7. DIY Minecraft Party

minecraft diy props art and craft | | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
DIY Minecraft Crafts Photo by Twitchetts

If you don’t know it yet, this Minecraft thing is a hit with kids. So, I won’t be surprised if your little one requests for a Minecraft-themed party.

Luckily, we have these Minecraft party ideas your kid will love. From Minecraft swords, torches, and pickaxes, they are all made from cardboard, so don’t to worry about the budget.

What is Minecraft? It is a popular kids’ video game often referred to as a “sandbox” game, wherein players can create virtual lands and objects using digital blocks and their own creativity.

8. Ice Cream Cone Piñata

huge pink ice cream cone pinata | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Ice Cream Cone Pinata Photo by Everyday Dishes

Piñatas are also the highlights for kids parties, but a giant ice cream cone piñata? Well, I love it and I’m sure everyone else, too!

Everyone will be extra eager to see the surprises as this giant ice cream cone holds. You’ll need a paper lantern for this one, so grab one here!

9. Carnival-Themed Kids’ Party Ideas

carnival themed party banners popcorn | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
At the Carnival DIY Kids’ Party Photo by Sugar Spice and Glitter

A carnival isn’t really a hit now with the kids, but most of us want them to have the same experience we had growing up. You can still do that with a DIY carnival-themed party.

So if you’re up to the challenge, here are some exciting carnival-themed party ideas for you to DIY. From the decor, food, and activities, they will all help to make your party a blast!

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10. Kid-Friendly Fondue Bar and Recipes

cheese dip chocolate fountain | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Kid-Friendly Fondue Bar + Recipes Photo by Kara’s Party Ideas

Kids love cheese and chocolate, so this kid-friendly fondue bar will have them looking like kids at the candy store. We have to warn you, though, it’s going to be messy, but it will be worth seeing the kiddos enjoying these delicious treats.

11. Crafty Little Treat Bags

brown bags scissors ribbon crafts | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Crafty Little Treat Bags Photo by Kristine In Between

Don’t seem to have enough time to decorate your treat bags? All you need are paper bags, a pair of scissors, and colorful ribbon designs to get started. Try this super easy party idea.

12. DIY Ice Cream Play Dough Recipe

do it yourself colorful ice cream playdough | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Easy Kids DIY! Ice Cream Play Doh Recipe Photo by The Savvy Age

This is a play dough recipe they can actually eat, so with kids, it’s game time indeed! You won’t also have to worry since it is edible so you can include the toddlers.

13. ‘Up, Up and Away’ Cake

Disney Up movie inspired cake | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Kids’ Birthday Cakes: Up, Up and Away Cake Photo by Craft Foxes

Carl’s thousands of balloons in Up all sparked our imagination, so it isn’t a wonder why kids want the safe feel on their birthday party. A lot of balloons will do the trick but this ‘Up, up, and away-cake’ is the cherry on top!

14. Birthday Party at the Park

blue outdoor picnic party | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
Brody’s 1st Birthday Picnic in the Park Photo by Momma Society

Planning a kid’s party for a crowd? If the venue and budget is an issue, a party at the park is perfect. Take this guide on hosting a kid’s birthday party at the park to set up an amazing birthday bash for your little one.

15. Homemade Giant Bubble Maker

giant homemade bubble | The Best Kids' Party Ideas For All Occasion
How to Make Homemade Giant Bubbles That Will Blow Your Mind Photo by Happy Hooligans

If you’re doing outdoor party ideas, make room for a homemade giant bubble maker. If it’s a pool or beach party theme for the kids, then all the better to do so.

You’ll need a hula hoop and a kiddie pool for this one but personally, I like this inflatable pool since its easier to store.


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